Say Goodbye to Arthritis Pain!

Those who suffer painful and crippling effects of arthritis are often told they are stuck with the problem due to age, degeneration, or wear and tear. Which the alternatives of care are painkillers, shots, injections or even surgery.

My name is Victoria and I am a professional Physiopath with more than twenty years experience in rebuilding bodies. I’ve found a combination of non-invasive therapies which have successfully removed pain, and drastically increased quality of life for those suffering from severe arthritis.

Let me share with you a recent success story. A man came to me who had given up his two favorite hobbies, bowling and riding his motorcycle, due to the severe pain and restricted movement in his hands. For more than ten years, he tolerated his hands being bent and twisted. He was faced with having to retire early because his hands were so bad he had difficulty doing his contracting work.

His doctors told him there was nothing to be done about his arthritis. This is a common story.

Many of my clients find me when no other doctors or practitioners can help them - then I get results. This is exactly what happened with this man.

He came to me with his hands so tight and twisted that he could not make a fist or splay his hands open. He had less than 50% of normal range of motion. His hands also hurt just to touch them. Any impact such as bumping them into something was excruciating.

I was able to make significant improvement in just ONE VISIT. The pain subsided dramatically, and I got his hands to open and close fully by the time he left. He was so delighted that he wept. Of course, it will take longer to make even further progress, there are no miracle cures. There are however, positive results. Arthritis does not have to be a permanent condition.

Within a few visits, his hands were entirely pain free and he was able to ride his motorcycle again. In fact, he went on a cross-country trip of over 1,000 miles with his friends and called me when arrived saying the ride went great and his hands didn’t hurt at all.

Not long after that, he was able to go bowling with his grandson. This would not have been possible before the work we had done.

Where is he now? It has been a few months and I am continuing work on straightening his fingers and restoring his hands. As you can see from the photos, they were in pretty bad shape. The progress we made is remarkable and in a very short time.


"Arthritis" literally means joint inflammation. The term is often used to refer to any disorder that affects the joints which are the places where two bones meet. Arthritis can occur anywhere in the body, most people suffer pain and stiffness in the hands, back, or knees. While the human body can do an amazing job at healing itself, arthritis doesn’t go away, but with the right help pain and stiffness can be managed or fully relieved, and joint mobility improved.

People do not need to give up what they love to do because of arthritis.

You can contact me via email: VICTORIA@PHYSIO-HEALING.COM

Victory Performance Therapies

A healthy and fit body is free from pain and dysfunction. I help people just like you get your body working the way it is supposed to. The human body is an amazing and complex machine. It will do its best to keep going despite injury, imbalance, or overwhelming challenges. Sometimes the body needs some help to get back to proper function, which is: pain free, strong, and flexible.

My clients come for many different reasons. Some are athletes who wish to keep their body in peak performance and deal with the challenges and wear that their sport or art has on their bodies. I also work with clients who have suffered from falls, car accidents, and other physical trauma where natural balance needs to be restored. Some of my clients are dealing with long term chronic issues of imbalance, discomfort or pain, or something “that just isn't right”. These clients often have a variety of subtle symptoms which include: numbness, insomnia or restless sleep, sagging energy through the day, difficulty in focusing, small tweaks and twinges, among many others. These symptoms often baffle doctors, who will typically offer a drug prescription to mask the symptom. It is my belief that symptoms should not be masked or hidden, but the actual cause of the symptom(s) be resolved.

Usually, my clients find me after they have exhausted all other avenues and are left frustrated having gotten no answers or relief.

I use a wide range of techniques to help your body get back on track, for the reason that the systems of the human body are so inter-related. Musculoskeletal problems are a main factor in pain and discomfort, especially these common issues: chronic lower back pain, knee and ankle pain, hip pains, neck and shoulder pain, lack of mobility and stability, poor posture, and many others.

These seemingly minor and simple problems may not pose much of an issue at the moment, but can become severe over time.

Nutrition is also a major factor in how well our bodies function, and I offer nutritional coaching for those who would like help and support with improving how they feel. Even minor changes and improvements to what you eat and drink can have profound effects on your body.

My goal is a holistic approach to work with each client to get the results that provide a better quality of life.