Tristan Chermack

Tristan started studying aikido in 2004 and his background includes more than thirty years in various arts. He has an extremely strong weapons background with European sword, spear, polearm, and armored combat. He is also a certified advanced firearms instructor. His ongoing study includes historical European martial arts, savate, pugilism, wrestling, pankration, and he is always eager to learn from others.

Tristan has a great passion for martial arts and loves sharing in the moments when students amaze themselves with what they discover they are capable of.

Mark Christopherson

Mark started in aikido in 2005 and has long since achieved the rank of shodan. He is a friendly and helpful teacher who shares both a positive attitude and unwavering dedication to the practical side of aikido techniques. You won't find a student who is as intent on quality practice as Mark is but yet with such a friendly demeanor.

Matt Baker

Matt started training aikido in 2012 and achieved the rank of shodan in late 2015. He came in with a strong experience in kung fu, with a rank of second degree black belt, and took to aikido very quickly. Matt is extremely friendly and fantastic to work with. His effective and patient teaching style shows, and students love when he teaches.