Physical culture is the physical aspect of a healthy life. Movement is crucial to a healthy body, and not just moving from here to there as we normally do. A body remains healthy and strong by using things we did as children: sitting on the ground, getting up, rolling around, running, jumping, squatting, tumbling, climbing, and all manner of movements. We called it playing.

Somehow as we grew up, play become work. Our bodies became dormant with most of our waking hours having us sitting in chairs or in unhealthy static positions. We lost touch with the glorious influence on our bodies of moving. The human body is a magnificently designed machine, it adapts to the activities it is called upon to do. Unfortunately, we often call upon it to do little so it saves energy by not building muscle or maintaining flexibility which are not needed.

The result are bodies which are limited in motion, limited in strength, and not very healthy.

How do we turn back the clock? The answer is simple: get moving again. Unfortunately, fitness can invoke a bad image and rightfully so. Fad workouts, systems, gadgets and gizmos, and over the top personalities often drive sensible people away. Phrases like "No Pain, No Gain" don't help either, giving the average person the idea that they must be in agony to get healthy. The reality is the opposite. The goal is to avoid pain, not to make it a daily habit. You can do that through simply getting moving again.

Getting the body moving again is not difficult, it only takes your decision to do it. That is the first step. Figuring out how to do it and what to do with it is the next step. Keep it fun! Don't let your boring adult mind limit you, let your inner child come out again - he or she wants to play.

Anyone at any level of conditioning - young or old, large or small - can benefit from moving. If you would like a friendly and supportive place to learn how, and enjoy the time you spend, then contact us now to get started. Our training is not painful or agonizing but it is challenging. Nothing is impossible and all it takes is your decision to make the time. You will truly be amazed at how your body can adapt and improve, and how quickly it can do it.

You must watch this video to see just what is possible through movement. In Arthur's case, he used yoga which is excellent but it is the movement itself which accounts for his spectacular transformation. I challenge you to watch this video and not be astonished at what Arthur was able to do!