Spring Friendship Seminar - April 13th, 2019

Expand your martial horizons in a weekend seminar providing training in a variety of arts, by seasoned instructors. Look forward to some new things!

This is an initial announcement, more details coming soon!

Classes begin at 10AM and go to 5:00PM, with a short lunch break. We will be using a similar format as last year, with instructors leading small groups.

Class Sessions:
Aikido by Sensei Tristan Chermack
Judo by Sensei Mike Norton
Systema by Ed Glimme
Eskrima by Chris McWethy
Aikido by Sensei Lloyd McWhirt
Western Martial Arts by Chris Mays

Cost: $60

There will be a 45 minute break for lunch. There are sandwich shops close by (maps provided) or you may bring lunch with you. Water will be provided.

All are warmly invited and welcomed, regardless of rank or art.